rafting in rishikesh
Rafting in Rishikesh, Enjoy camping out in the nature as part of your river rafting tour in Rishikesh. We are extremely affordable and equipped with loads of useful tips and suggestions to make your trip one of its kind.

Our team has a lot of passion for adventure and we personally do all the camps before we sell them. Safety is the other thing we give a lot of importance to and believe that fun without proper safety is not worth.

River Rafting is one of the most awesome and heart pumping occurrence that one must always give it a try. It is very unusual and scary at times. But depends on how a person perceives the whole concept. Adventurous people can very well go ahead and try out these sports.

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rafting-in-rishikesh White Water Rafting in Rishikesh
White water rafting is quite a current adventure sport in Rishikesh India. The snow fed Mountain Rivers winding down from the great Himalayas make northern India part one of the most excellent regions for this adventure sport in Rishikesh India. Untested and starters have their option of tranquil waters, with the assurance of a passage through superb riverside Ganga.

Kaudiyala to Rishikesh
Season: April, May and Oct
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Season: 15 Sept. to 15June
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Season: 15 Sept. to 15June
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camping-in-rishikesh Camping in Rishikesh
Camping Tour in Rishikesh is an isolated and unseen riverside nature camp far from the highway and missing from everyone else. The pleasant sound of the rapids on the river echoes in the valley and camping in Rishikesh around such an remarkable natural surroundings is a lifetime experience in itself.

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